Smidge Beef Liver Capsules 120 capsules

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Smidge Beef Liver Capsules 120 capsules


  • Beef liver from grassfed grazing cattle from New Zealand
  • Full of natural fat-soluble vitamins and minerals
  • Freeze-dried and unheated so that it retains all nutrients
  • Contains no additives or fillers

Beef liver is one of nature's most potent, nutritious traditional foods. Beef Cattle Liver capsules are a convenient way to get all the goodness from this very nutritious food in a daily supplement.

Food-based supplements provide micronutrients to your body that are biological and easily absorbed and digested.

Smidge beef liver capsules are made by freeze-drying, instead of by heating. Freeze-dried foods retain most of the vitamins and minerals found in the original food. Freeze-dried meat liver contains higher levels of nutrients than dried liver capsules, which depend on heat to dehydrate the liver.

Smidge Beef Liver capsules are made from grass-fed cattle in their purest form: Not defatted and as natural as possible. The cows that help make Smidge Beef Liver capsules are cattle that graze exclusively on fast-growing grasses that sprout from rich soils in New Zealand.

Ingredients: 100% Lawn Grazed New Zealand Beef Liver, Gelatin Capsule

Dosage: Adults: 4 capsules daily

This is a dietary supplement. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children.





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