100% Grass Fed & Organic Beef Kidney

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Nordic Kings Grass Fed & Organic Beef Kidney
  • 100% Grass-grazed & Organic Beef Kidney
  • From Swedish Organic & KRAV certified cattle
  • Grown on 100% grass & herbs and 0% grain feed
  • Free from growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
  • '100% freeze-dried
  • Completely free of allergens
  • 'Absolutely no Additives


Our kidney supplement is completely free of fillers and additives such as anti-caking agents, binders, magnesium silicate or the like. Just pure natural, nutritious beef kidney without any strangeness.

Drying method

The kidneys have undergone gentle freeze-drying which, unlike traditional heat-drying, preserves all the important heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and cofactors that make the entrails food the fantastically nutritious superfood that it is.

Our Grass-grazed Cattle contains natural and high levels of, among other things:

Selenium (a powerful antioxidant)

Vitamin A

Vitamin B12

DAO (diamine oxidase) Bioavailable Home Iron

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Vitamin B6

Folate (the natural form of vitamin B9)

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

All important kidney-specific peptides, cofactors and enzymes

As with the liver, all of the kidney's nutrients are present along with its unique and natural cofactors that increase bioavailability and make it very easy for the body to absorb them. Inspection of farms All our farms undergo annual inspections to ensure that the animals are well and live according to KRAV's strict animal husbandry rules. In addition, all our animals are excluded from eating 100% grass and herbs. This means that you can always be absolutely sure that you only get the absolute best possible quality of your kidney.

Information Supplements

Dosage: 6 capsules

Dosages per container: 30 pcs

Total number of capsules: 180 pcs

Contents Per Dosage

Swedish Grass-grazed Cattle (ECO) ** approx. 2700 mg

** = Organic ingredient * = Daily reference intake not determined

Manufactured by: Nordic Kings Supplements

More information

Dosage calculated according to Western A. Price's recommendation of 100-200 grams of beef intestines per week.

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