RCP stands for Root Cause Protocol. RCP was founded by Morley Robbins, formerly known as “The Magnesium Man”. 

RCP is a method aiming to slowly but steadily increase the body´s ability to handle oxidative stress by supporting the metabolism of minerals and making copper bioavailable for all its important reactions. 

The goal is to overcome fatigue and other health problems as the body gets to use oxygen better, metabolize food and get rid of excess oxidized iron that can hinder energy production in the body.

The interest for the RCP protocol has increased over the recent years when Morley has appeared in several well-known podcasts and YouTube interviews in the world of health optimization.

The RCP protocol is built in steps where you first are to remove specific products and foods from your diet. Then follows the different Phases where you introduce certain supplements  and foods. 

RCP emphasizes the food-based supplements as long as possible, and recommends striving to eat locally, seasonally and to some extent informed by a person’s culinary and genetic heritage. There is also advice about how to handle lifestyle factors like stress, pollutants, and emotional issues. 


Free information

RCP advices that you start learning about the background and all the steps. There is a ton of free information as webinars, YouTube talks, articles, and the flagship of RCP – The Handbook, where all the Steps are listed in chronological order. On their website you can also find links to recommended products.


The Stops 

The first steps in RCP are called The Stops. Here you should stop eating iron fortified foods, stop taking supplements as All-in-One supplements, synthetic B-vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, molybdenum, citric acid, citrates, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. 

Taking colloidal silver or using fluoride is also listed in The Stops, as well as high carb processed foods, fructose in industrialized forms and artificial sweeteners. 

High fat non-refined foods as full fat milk products, grass-fed butter and ghee, tallow and other animal fats, are promoted to replace the high processed seed oils as soybean, corn, and canola oils. Organ meats and proteins are encouraged in the diet, to achieve nutrient density. 

Environmental toxins, blue lights and radiation from wireless devices are also among The Stops. 


The Starts

The RCP protocol advices you to take time between each Start so the body can adjust before another one is introduced. You are also encouraged to listen to your body, there is no timetable.

Adrenal support and other bioavailable nutrients

The Starts are grouped in Phases and start with giving support to your adrenals. Here is the famous Adrenal Cocktail, natural mineral rich drops, mineral rich skin products or baths, natural Vitamin C complex (that is not ascorbic acid!), magnesium supplements and grass-fed beef liver.


In Phase 2 comes more natural vitamin B sources, eating ancestral whole foods and drinking clean water. Here is also wholefood vitamin E with all its natural complexes, the mineral boron and the important Start no. 10: taking cod liver oil.


Phase 3 includes taurine, silica, and iodine. 

The Phase X can be more advanced: donating blood, handle histamine reactions and doing quantum practices like getting more sunlight, enjoyable movement, releasing trauma and stress and getting more electrons from nature.


Learn more about RCP here https://therootcauseprotocol.com or https://therootcauseprotocol.com/resources/

Here you can find RCP approved products