Matcha bowl Nozu

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Matcha bowl Nozu

Traditional bowl for preparing and drinking matcha tea.


Matchawan Nozu is a handmade clay matcha bowl, created specifically for the experience of drinking matcha. The composition of bare clay and gentle glaze alludes to the traditional Japanese crockery. The lower part of the bowl is of a rough, raw texture, and the upper one is coated with a crystalline glaze in a delicate, milky green colour.

Matchawan Nozu was created in collaboration with Mruki, a small ceramic workshop run by Joanna Michalska – where each and every piece is being created carefully and lovingly. The bowls are crafted by hand on a traditional pottery wheel, and subsequently hardened in an electric furnace in a temperature reaching 1240 C. Thanks to the singular nature of the studio, each of the bowls is carefully refined and unconditionally unique.

Matchawan is the most comfortable vessel destined for drinking matcha and an inherent element of Japanese tea ceremony. Vertical walls and wide bottom enable a quick and convenient matcha preparation and creation of velvety froth.

As this is a handcrafted product, dimension and appearance may vary slightly.

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