About Naturshopen


Naturshopen came about with the idea of ​​selling handpicked selected nutritional supplements. We wanted to offer products that are based on so-called wholefoods, to the greatest extent possible.

Supplements or products with concentrated nutrition that are food-based and made from whole, unspoiled foods provide high bioavailability. This means that the nutrition is easy for the body to both absorb and use. Quite simply: we offer only products we ourselves would want to use.

In our online store Naturshopen.se we offer:

  • Dietary supplements of high quality and with high bioavailability.
  • A careful selection of natural and organic foods.
  • Certified organic products.
  • Environmentally friendly body care.


Root Cause Protocol - RCP

Since the beginning, Naturshopen has had a strong focus on products that are recommended within the RCP. We collaborate with RCP consultants around Europe and are also a distributor for several of the brands included in RCP such as Rosita, Jigsaw Health, Aussie Trace and Ancient Lakes Magnesium. If you would like to read more about RCP you can do that here.

We avoid products with additives such as citrate and citric acid. We want to market and spread information about food-based supplements where the totality of the content has a greater effect on health than a component in itself.



Naturshopen is a sponsor of the Dietary Science Foundation (Kostfonden). Kostfonden collects resources for scientific studies that examine the effects of diet on health and what possible side effects a dietary change can cause.

"We work to promote more and better research into the effects of diet on health and disease. It's not just about different fats, sugar and other carbohydrates, but also about how gluten, antioxidants and other important components in the diet affect the body and our well-being"



Naturshopen.se is part of the TFI Packaging Collection and reports every quarter the amount of plastic that is produced or imported into Sweden and then recycled. We reuse much of the packaging material that comes in and do not have our own printed cartons because this has an environmental impact.


Some of our selected brands





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