Aussie's Best Magnesium & Trace Mineral Spray 120ml

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Aussie's Best Trace Mineral Spray 120ml

Aussies Best Magnesium & Trace Mineral Spray is perfect for use both during and after exercise and is not sticky or itchy as other magnesium oils often are.

Provides the body with magnesium through the skin and thus bypasses the digestive system. This provides a rapid uptake into the cells.

Trace minerals work as a team, and they rely on each other for both absorption and proper utilisation within our bodies. For Magnesium to have an optimal effect, the other 70+ trace minerals found in sea water need to be present.

It's all about synergy.

Aussie Trace sources their trace minerals from the pristine waters of the Southern Australian coast, and concentrate them in a very organic way that preserves the very delicate and important balance of these elements, to deliver a finished product that may help soothe muscles, aches and pains.

Each 1ml of Aussie's Best Magnesium & Trace Mineral Spray contains 60mg of trace minerals with 47mg being Magnesium Chloride.

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray onto your skin and rub in whenever you feel the need.

Ingredients: Concentrated, sodium reduced Australian ocean water, natural spring water.

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