100% Grassfed & Organic beef liver capsules

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Nordic Kings Grassfed & Organic beef liver
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Organic & Grass fed beef liver, from Swedish KRAV certified animals raised on 100% grass & herbs and 0% grain.

Gently freeze dried to preserve the important heat sensitive vitamins, minerals and cofactors.

100% Grass Fed & Organic Beef Liver

  • From Swedish Organic & KRAV certified animals
  • Raised on 100% grass & herbs and 0% grain
  • Free from growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
  • 100% freeze-dried
  • Completely free of allergens

Why should you eat organ meats?

Because of the amazing mix of minerals, vitamins and cofactors you feed your body and brain when consuming quality organs. Organs from grass fed animals are the most nutrition dense foods we can eat.

They have a broader nutritional profile and higher concentration of combined vitamins, minerals and enzymes than any other food in the world. In addition, all of it in a very bioavailable form that the body can easily absorb.

Our Grass fed Beef Liver contains natural and high levels of:

  • *Vitamin A / Retinol (grass-fed liver is one of nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A in the form that the body can use directly)
  • CoQ10
  • Beta Carotene
  • Bioavailable *Heme iron
  • Vitamin B12
  • Choline
  • Folate (the natural form of vitamin B9)
  • All important liver-specific peptides, cofactors and enzymes

In addition, you get all the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K & E) together with their unique and natural cofactors that increases bioavailability and drastically increases the body’s absorption rate of the nutrients. You also get high quality and easily absorbed copper, zinc, chromium, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

* More about Liver and Vitamin A (Retinol)
Grass fed liver is one of nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A in the form that the body can use directly (Retinol). This gives a very high absorption, around 75-100%. This can be compared to plant based carotenoids which the body first need to convert to vitamin A which can result in an absorption of as low as 3%.

* More about Heme iron
Heme iron is a form of iron that is bound to hemoglobin and myoglobin. This allows the body to absorb up to 37% of heme iron, unlike non-heme iron which has an absorption of only 5%.

Who’s our supplements for?

Our organ supplements are for you who want to get the highest quality beef organs into your diet in a quick and easy way without the hassle of cooking, worrying about poor quality, supply issues or the unique taste of organ meats.

Our supplements are also perfect for you if you already started eating organ meats and want to upgrade, replace or add to your already organ rich diet.

Our organ supplements are for you who:

–  Want to start eating organs regularly
–  Want to be certain that you always get organs of the absolute highest quality
–  Don’t want to spend time on annoying preparation and cooking
–  Don’t like the unique taste of organ meats
–  Don’t want to worry about where to get your next batch of quality organs from

Many of our customers are practitioners or advocates of the PALEO / Stone Age diet, pure food, Biohacking / body optimization, Functional medicine, Functional food, Raw food and / or KETO diet.


Absolutely no Additives

Our beef liver supplement is completely free of fillers and additives such as anti-caking agents, binders, magnesium silicate.
Just pure natural, nutritious beef liver without any of the bad stuff.

Drying Method

Our products are 100% freeze-dried which unlike traditional heat drying preserves the important heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and cofactors that make organ meats the amazing superfood that it really is.

Inspection of farms

All our farms undergo annual inspections to ensure that the animals are healthy and live by KRAV’s strict animal welfare laws.

In addition, all our animals only eat 100% grass and herbs and all farms have been carefully hand picked.

This means you can always be confident that you only get the absolutely highest quality possible.

All our animals live how they are evolutionary created to live, roaming freely on pristine pastures and meadows whole or large part of the year. This allows our animals to fully express their natural behaviors which makes them live happy, stimulating and healthy lives.

The months our animals are not able to graze on fresh grass and herbs they are fed fermented pasture (silage) which is made by a completely natural fermentation process carried out by the microscopic organisms in the grass itself. In fact it’s this process that’s taking place in the white balls you often see laying around the fields during the summer months.

The result of letting our animals eat only what they are made to eat and live freely under the best conditions possible is that our organs naturally get a much higher nutrient density.


Information Dietary Supplement

Serving size: 6 capsules
Servings per container: 30
Total capsules per container: 180

Amount per 6 capsules (daily dose)

Swedish Grass fed beef liver (Organic) ** ca. 2700 mg

** = Organic ingredient
* = Daily reference intake value not yet established

More information

Dosage calculated according to Western A. Price’s recommendation of 100 grams of beef organs per week.

Lever: Näringsinnehåll per burk (400 gram färsk lever)

Energi: 506,4 kcal / 2118 KJ

Fett: 12,4 g. (Mättat fett: 4,16 g, enkelomättat fett: 2,64 g, fleromättat fett: 2,4 g)

Kolhydrater: 17,6 g

Protein: 80 g

Salt: 0,84 g

*Grass fed Liver*

Thiamin — 0.1 mg

Riboflavin — 0.7 mg

Niacin — 3.6 mg

Pantothenic acid — 1.9 mg

B6 — 0.3 mg

B12 — 16 mcg

Choline — 90 mg

Folate — 78.3 mcg

Vitamin A — 4562.5 IU

Copper — 2.6 mg

Iron — 1.3 mg

Phosphorus — 104.5 mg

Manganese — 0.1 mg

Potassium — 84.5 mg

Selenium — 10.7 mcg

Zinc — 1.1 mg

Information Kosttillskott:
Dosering: 6 kapslar
. Doseringar per behållare: 30st
 Totalt antal kapslar: 180 st

Innehåll Per Dosering:
Svensk Gräsbetad Nötlever (EKO) ** ca. 3000 MG
** = Ekologisk ingrediens
* = Dagligt referensintag ej fastställt

Rekommenderad dagsdos bör ej överskridas. Förvaras utom räckhåll för barn. Kosttillskott bör ej användas som ersättning till varierad kost. Det är viktigt med en mångsidig och balanserad kost och hälsosam livsstil. Förvaras torrt och mörkt i rumstemperatur. Placera aldrig kosttillskott i direkt solljus, i fuktig miljö eller nära en värmekälla. Förslut burken ordentligt.

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